Howto join the forum/outfit/teamspeak

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Howto join the forum/outfit/teamspeak

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This forum is for members of [BHO]Clan, mainly ppl. that play Planetside2 on miller server and are in the [BHO]Outfit, to register use your ingame nickname and wait for an admin to activate you on the forum.

Make sure that you check out the rules Here!


Info comming soon...


To join our Teamspeak server you need to be a member of the [BHO]Outfit in Planetside2 on the miller server.
The Teamspeak server adr. is '' and the password is 'fast'
When you connect our TS BOT will put you in the 'holding cell' and an admin will come and help you out, please use your ingame nickname on the teamspeak and be online in Planetside2 the first time you use our Teamspeak server.
you can get TeamSpeak here (it is a free program):


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